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“None of your knowledge, your reading, your connections will be of any use here: two legs suffice, and big eyes to see with. Walk alone, across mountains or through forests. You are nobody to the hills or the thick boughs heavy with greenery. You are no longer a role, or a status, not even an individual, but a body, a body that feels sharp stones on the paths, the caress of long grass and the freshness of the wind. When you walk, the world has neither present nor future: nothing but the cycle of mornings and evenings. Always the same thing to do all day: walk. But the walker who marvels while walking (the blue of the rocks in a July evening light, the silvery green of olive leaves at noon, the violet morning hills) has no past, no plans, no experience. She has within her the eternal child. While walking I am but a simple gaze.” 

Frédéric Gros, A Philosophy of Walking


Die Liebe zur Natur und zu den Bergen verbindet mich mit der Schweiz. So lebe ich in Zürich und der Zentralschweiz und verbringe viel Zeit auf Wanderungen, beim Klettern oder auf alpinen Hochtouren.

Ich liebe die 


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